I would say that I am really becoming a natural light photographer. I love window light and overcast days because the clouds act as a natural diffuser and you can take beautiful portraits of people next to windows.  


I enjoy going to events and finding the little moments, the glances between people that show connections. When I attend any event I ask lots of questions about the people in the group so I can tell your story. My approach to photography is to let people and other mammals be themselves so I can catch them, not pose them. 


My husband and I take a few trips every year in our Airstream travel trailer and we love National Parks and the opportunity to practice landscape and wildlife photography.  We recently went to the Grand Teton and took some nice photos.  My poor spouse held an umbrella over me as I was trying to snap a moose and her baby in the freezing rain.  It was fun for me but I could feel my husband shaking.  

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